Virtual assistants today is an experienced team of experts that have established roots while working with Filipino VA’s.
Let Us Do It For You!
Remote Co-Worker was a response to seeing both the proliferation of jobs that do not get filled with the correct VA people with the correct skill set and knowledge for the job, and, virtual professionals that apply for projects just because they are available. By signing up with us we make sure that you are steered towards a virtual professional that best fits your needs, and, our virtual professionals in turn get to apply for projects and jobs that we know falls within our areas of expertise.
Our goal is to leverage our experience and contacts to ensure that you and your business are able to keep up with the daily challenges that your business faces. Offloading your tasks to our Virtual Assistants Todays allows you to delegate tasks that eat a lot of your time enabling you to focus on what is important to the operation of your business. 
Every task and every interaction with you is an opportunity to add value and increase your business potential. Our team will ensure that all of your processes are followed and your Virtual Assistants Today will always be in a position to deliver on what is expected of them. Let us be your partners for the future. Let us be your resource for growth.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does your billing cycle works?
Billing Cycle
The usual invoicing cycle is twice in a month. On the 15th and on the end of the month.
What if my VA can’t work for some reason, do I still have to pay him/her?
No work, no pay policy
Virtual Assistants Today has a no work, no pay policy. You will only pay for the time in which they rendered work.
How does your pricing work?
Rates for remote co-worker professionals start at $5.99 and goes up depending on the level of skillset and additional responsibilities that you require.
What if I am interested and not yet ready to commit?
We offer free trials
That is okay. We understand that you are not ready and there are a lot of things to consider before you start hiring your CoWorker. Please fill up our form and we will contact you to answer your questions.
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